Dual-write Integration Key’s Nitty-Gritty

Dual-write allows the real-time integration of data between D365 CRM and F&O environments. Well! While integrating two systems it is must that both the system knows how to find the respective record in other system’s table. This is where the Integration key comes into the picture. Integration Key tells Dual-write engine, what columns to be…

Dual-write Mapping is Solution Aware

Yes, you heard it right, Dual-write mapping is solution aware meaning it can be exported from one environment and can be imported into another with the help of our beloved solutions. The process of adding the Table mapping to a solution is straightforward. In this blog, we will explore the process of adding the Table…

Did you know Power Automate Flow supports C# code?

Power Automate flow is consistently evolving. At times there are UI changes or at times there are under the hood tweaks, but one thing is for sure Power Automate flow has matured a lot since its inception. Today, in this blogpost, I will be discussing about the new feature that has been introduced recently in…

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